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Film Colleges for a Successful Film Career

For those people who are interested in hitting it big in the film industry, you may want to consider attending a film college if you do not think you are born with the gift to make films. Film colleges have produced some of the most successful professionals in the film industry, including directors, producers and screenwriters. Even though you may not have been born with the skill to write films or direct movies, the skills you can learn from some of the top film colleges around can definitely make you one of the most successful people in the industry. The United States has some of the best film colleges in the world and it should come as no surprise that most of them are located in California, the home of the film capital of the world, Hollywood. Here is a list of the top five colleges that offer excellent film programs to help you build a successful film career.

University of California Los Angeles - the University of California Los Angeles, more popularly known as UCLA, has perhaps the most popular film program in the United States and is perhaps the best that the country has ever produced. There are several programs offered at UCLA for the film industry including Bachelor’s degrees, Masters programs and a single doctoral program. All of these programs are related to film and include some of the key aspects of the film industry like producing, screenwriting and directing.

The American Film Institute - the American Film Institute is perhaps better known as AFI and is located in the heart of Los Angeles, California. Again, there are many programs offered at AFI for people who are interested in working in the film industry. The AFI programs allow students to be mentored by people who are fully knowledgeable and experienced in specific fields of interest.

USC - USC or University of Southern Carolina has some of the most impressive technology available to students interested in film careers. The programs offered at USC introduce students to various aspects of the film industry, including screenwriting, directing, producing and cinematography.

California Institute of Technology - as the name suggests California Institute of technology, or CalTech as it is commonly known, is an institution in California that offers excellent technical film programs. This institution focuses mainly on the technology of film and using modern technology to create films that sell millions of seats in theaters around the world.

New York University - rounding off the list is New York University, or NYU, which is the fifth best filmmaking institution in the United States. Although not in California, NYU offers excellent film programs on another coast of the United States.

Of course, the list should not just been narrowed down to these institutions. There are many film colleges throughout the United States and other countries that offer excellent programs and produce great talent. Wherever it is you decide to go, make sure you select a school that offers a well-rounded program to allow you to be successful in whatever aspect of the film industry you want.

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